Introduction to Recording with Pro Tools

Pro Tools LessonsWith the rise in dubstep and drum and bass styles of music, more and more people want to know how to use audio editing programs. One of the very best programs out there is called Pro Tools and a lot of professional musicians are using it. Pro Tools is a very complicated program with lots of options and different things to learn, but Pro Tools lessons will help a lot. Pro Tools lessons will help you learn how to use this wonderful program. In this article, you will learn the basics of Pro Tools. Once you get the hang of it, Pro Tools simply can’t be beat.

The first thing that you need to do is get a really good sound card for your computer. In order to get the most out of Pro Tools, you are going to need to have this. You will also want a guitar cable or microphone if you are planning to record live music. Something else that is very important is to have a good Midi controller. Make sure that the driver that you have for Pro Tools is the right one for your sound card.

When you are ready to begin, open up Pro Tools. You will notice different pull down menus. Click file and then go down to New Track. This will open up your new track and where you will begin your work. Depending upon what sound you want, you will need different types of microphones. To get stereo sound, use a microphone that is stereo. You can also choose to use two different tracks to get that stereo sound. Either way, at the end you will have the two tracks.

You will want to go to Show Edit on the menu and then hit Show Mix. This will open up two windows. You will be able to see track one on this window. You can drag the tracks around in order to make them easier to see. The next thing you will do is it the r key above volume. This will turn recording on. Then, you just go to the Control Bar and push the record button. When you are done recording, you can edit the song in the edit menu. You will see different icons in this menu. One is the hand tool, which lets you move part of the track to somewhere else.

There are many other things to learn in Pro Tools, but these are the basics that should get you started with Pro Tools lessons.


Music Recording Software Overview

Music Mixing SoftwareWith more and more music production activities going digital, music recording software has assumed greater significance for music production companies. There is quite a lot of recording software that is available for download through internet. Some of the software comes as free to download, while some with a specific price tag. A beginning user can go through the features available in the free recording software and paid recording software and choose one that suits their requirements. Don’t worry -paid software usually comes with a free trial usage period.

Recording software is relatively standardized, so once you have mastered one, you have mastered them all. Some of the major features available in music recording software include editing, mixing, cropping and providing effects such as echo, modulation, fade, normalization, reverse and tempo. The software should be able to restore audio, reduce noise, repair sound quality and refine tracks.

Some of the advanced recording software comes with premium features such as multitrack recording, 5.1 surround sound mixing and MIDI sequencing. While selecting the recording software, one ha s to look at the level at which they are performing recording operations.

Music Recording Software Lessons

To get the most from this software, there are recording professionals who provide quality coaching on sound recording. They provide training material that is easy to easy to understand and learn for a beginner in sound recording.

One such sound recording professional is Ken Lewis, who has 20 years of music recording experience. He has worked with a number of top music celebrities. Ken Lewis provides training on the latest technology that is available for recording music using limited resources. He provides training in the form of online training lessons through the website These lessons are available as simple to understand video lessons and can be easily understood by those who are quite new to the music recording field.

There are lessons that are based on the music genre, type of instrument and also based on the skill level of the person willing to learn music recording. In order to get a hang of the lessons, one can head to the website and browse through the free lessons that are provided. The different genres for which training is provided include urban, pop and rock. There are also lessons based on skill levels known as intern, sophomore, freshman, junior and senior. One can enroll for lessons based on their skill level and get amazing benefits.